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Buildings are our markers for history. They span periods of time the way that its girders span openings. We build our history on the foundation of where our buildings stand or stood.

We used to just build on top of our cities. We could come back in 500 years and dig for layers of our centuries of built residue, like a hidden level in a building preserved like a time capsule. Now we destroy our cities completely before we imagine them anew. We go down to bare soil, we grind up our refuse, we throw most of it into a mixture of landfill to create a new skate park in a suburb of Virginia. We export as much as we import.

A Summer Home on New Dorp Beach


What a view!

The Supermarket

The A&P lot has been a staple of my childhood. The place where most everyone worked at. Where the neighborhood did their shopping since the 1960s.

Since the fire in 2006, the lot has been home to only temporary fixtures. A carnival, a flea market, and as fleeting is its architecture is the use of the site. Like an eddy tossing up leaves in a corner of a yard.

It’s time for a better market for the community.




Urban Renewal

I am in the business of making money on the promise of new built form. Stick around.


Half wall



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