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We only make temples

We cannot keep trying to make our current solutions to society’s problems work and yet still rely on architecture stuck in pre-21st Century thinking.  To have stone obelisks to which we congregate to just to perform our basic human functions, our basic living functions?  Why do we treat our life tasks like some revered activity, requiring compulsory worship in specific building types?

The Catholic dogma requires one to attend mass on the Sabbath.  Other religions have similar requirements.  Like, “We don’t trust you to pray and reflect on your own, so we want you in attendance at least once a week so we can keep making sure you are continuing with your indoctrination.”

Same with school, same with work.  To have specific cultures be reinforced by having to be in certain buildings during certain times at certain ages of your life.

Architecture should be more than a bunch of temples.

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