J Jakob Design

A Temporary Architecture

Architecture is a moment.  It is temporary.

And we are doing the wrong thing, tethering ourselves down to one piece of land, that we live for 30 years, 50 years, or our entire life.

We could have an architecture where we get to live with the people we like or love, we aren’t tethered to an area we don’t like, or a school system we don’t like, or land we don’t like.

We can be creating a more kinetic architecture, a more mobile, a more nomadic means of creating places we live in, and we wouldn’t be losing the great things about how we live now.   We would be transforming them into better ways of living, and we can use that opportunity to do so much, we can start to really use energy efficiently, we can be more in harmony with the earth, we can create new ways of working and of connecting to each other.

Architecture is temporary, but we make our buildings wear masks that make them seem permanent, until they are ripped off in a tornado, or blown off in a hurricane, or burned off in a fire, or collapsed upon by a snow storm, or shaken off by an earthquake, or washed off by a tsunami.

How much longer must we wait until we create a more reactive architecture, one which can move and run away like we do when danger is sensed?  We cannot continue to be captains who go down with their ships, we must be able to save our ships.

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