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3d Models of Doors and Windows

Single Door

Single Door with Sidelight and Transom

Double Door


Highland Lake 

Chapter 4: Entrances, Doors, and Gates – United States Access Board

Source: Chapter 4: Entrances, Doors, and Gates – United States Access Board

Heidelberg Castle – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Source: Heidelberg Castle – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Legos and Erector sets were how I occupied time indoors. Sometimes you either can’t go out or just don’t want to, and I always made myself feel guilty.

But with these new collections of European wooden blocks comes new ways of generating spatial form with a specified typology!

Totally awesome!!!

Frank Lloyd Wright

My career always lives in the American shadow of Frank Lloyd Wright, the greatest modern architect of all, and complete charming douchebag.

When he wasn’t bedding insane arsonists or ignoring his children, he was designing the greatest American houses and buildings of the time, taking full advantage of the new materials of the Great Exposition. Chicago is the heart of America, and from it flows all architectural idea thanks to Wright.

My closest Wright house is his last ever built, a red sided Usonian house called Crimson Beech built on the side of Lighthouse Hill, overlooking all of Richmondtown. For the last view he would ever frame, he chose the southern shore of Staten Island as the backdrop.


I went to college for a long time, so I know what architecture books you need. You don’t even need to go to college, just live in New York, work for an architect for 12 years after high school, complete IDP, and you can sit for the exam.

But you need theory. You need to argue about shit in your head constantly. You also have to draw at the same time. You also have to come up with a fee estimate for vaguely defined projects from time to time, of whose budget you were typically exceed due to creep.

That’s where I come in. Read these books, write a blog report each week on what you read, and you’ll be covered.


The Absurdity of Architecture

Our office had power restored by Monday November 5th, 2012.

I had resumed my work in selecting door hardware for apartment building under construction in Long Island, and I blinked.

I thought about mold, rotting food, soaked carpets in sewage and swamp water, seasonal clothing packed in boxes, Christmas ornaments, washer machines, basement apartments and kitchens.

People have sick buildings, the water didn’t just come and go. It left an illness that all buildings suffered from, and then began vomiting up the contents of their lower floors onto the street.

This illness destroyed more buildings than the physical storm surge.

I was selecting door hardware for two and three bedroom garden apartments in Suffolk County.

My work as an architect had become absurd.

AirBnB Floor Plans

“The image you should include on your airbnb listing is a floor plan of your space. Only about 1 in every 30 properties has a floor plans. “When choosing a vacation rental, would architectural floor plans of the property help make your decision any easier?” 71% of respondents said “yes”.
-airbnb tips

Use a floor plan.